Vidisic Gel 10g
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Long Lasting dry eye relief due to unique bioadhesive properties of the gel.

It will not stick your eyes nor blur your vision.

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It is substitute for lacrimal ,fluid in dry eye

Vidisic Gel is a medicine that is use for the treatment of Dry eyes and other conditions

It contains Carbomer as an active ingredient

It works by producing a fine transparent film on the eye.

Children and adolescents aged to 18 years:
One drop into the conjunctive sac 3-5 times per day. 

Wearers of contact lenses should remove their lenses before Vidisic is instilled and should wait for l5 minutes before they insert them again.

Intolerance reactions to one of the ingredients may be seen in isolated cases. Vidisic gel contains cetrimide as a preservative which, particularly when used frequently or for a long period, may cause ocular irritation (burning, redness, foreign body sensation) and may damage the corneal epithelium.

Preservative-free medicinal products should therefore be preferred for long-term treatment of chronic keratoconjuctivitis sicca.

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