Diabetic. Symptoms. Manage.

There’s apps for everything, including diabetes!

Managing diabetes does take a lot of effort, but your burden is set to be lifted with smartphone apps capable of delivering anything from counting your carbohydrate intake to offering health advices.

Gone are the days when you log your blood sugar manually using home test kits. With app logging,you now haveinstant overviews, trends and patterns of your blood sugar level at your fingertips. Surges in blood glucose levels following meals can also be easily detected.Together withnutrition apps,these virtual capabilities take on the role of a digital health companion.

With busy schedule, people tend to forget their blood sugar check or dose of medication. Apps can address this through reminders. By setting alerts on your phone, you will be reminded of tasks you need to carry out.

As a caregiver, apps can also help you keep track of your children or parents’ condition. Certain appsnotify you when a blood sugar check is done on your family member.

While there are numerous applications on app stores that are great for your diabetes condition, don’t forget to always consult your doctor for professional assistance, advice and treatment!


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Melvin experience in health and fitness includes being a personal trainer at a local YMCA and a branch of Fitness Together. He has worked with a wide range of people: from teen speed, agility and conditioning camps, to adults just beginning an exercise program..

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