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Incontinence - Male vs Female

Incontinence can be triggered at most any age, but what sets it off can differ between men and women. Overall, this condition is seen more commonly amongst women.


Causes of Incontinence in Women

Pregnancy: Pressure from uterus pushes down on the bladder and urethra, weakening the pelvic floor muscles. This becomes worse as pregnancy progresses.

Childbirth: Labour via vaginal birth can damage and weaken nerves controlling the bladder.

Menopause: Once the body stops producing female hormones, urethral tissue will weaken, diminishing bladder control.


Causes of Incontinence in Men

Prostate cancer:  Those with prostate cancer or even enlarged prostate tend to have urinary issues.

Kidney problems: Men with kidney issues are more susceptible to urinary incontinence, as are those who have experienced any type of nerve injury in the brain or spine.


Similarities Between Men and Women

Excess weight, diabetes, kidney problems, nerve damage, disorders such as spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, strokes, Parkinson’s, and spinal cord injuries are common causative factors of incontinence in both men and women.



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