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Chinese New Year Diet Tips

It is the time of the year again where family members and friends will gather to celebrate Chinese New Year. During this festive season, it is difficult to withhold ourselves from feasting on high calories’ foods and this binge eating habit during Chinese New Year can increase risk of developing chronic diseases due to sudden weight gain. Therefore, it is important to practice healthy eating which allows us to enjoy food without jeopardizing our health.

Below are 8 healthy eating tips that can be easily practiced throughout the festive season:

1. Serve/take high fibre foods such as wide variety of vegetables and wholegrain foods.
2. Prioritize fish dishes as compared to red meats such as pork or duck due to lower fat and cholesterol content.
3. Remove skin and fatty part of the meats prior to cooking.
4. Minimize usage of oil by practising cooking methods such as steam, boil, grill or baked.
5. Serve/take fresh fruits as dessert instead of high calories pastries.
6. Avoid serving sweet beverages and substitute with plain water or fruit infused water.
7. Limit intake of high sodium foods such as chips and crackers.
8. Limit consumption of alcoholic beverages.


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