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Eating Better for Better Health

By now we would have all known the link between food and health, that diet plays an all too important role in heart health, diabetes, your joint health etc.. So here are some important pointers to eating better.

Have alternative foods: don’t just eat one type of food per meal, such as oats for breakfast, or salad for lunch. Add in different components such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibres. The more different food you eat, the more different types of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you consume.

Have ‘real’ foods: think real oranges instead of orange juice, baked potatoes instead of fries. Food in their natural (or lightly processed) state offer more nutritional value and less sodium, trans fat and other health-eroding ingredients.

Eat regularly and in moderation:  Try not to have meals that progressively get bigger as the day progresses. Eat on a time-line and consume 3/4 of your calories in the active part of your day; eat less at the end of the day. Have more regular meals with lower calories in each. Whatever you do, don’t skip meals, even if you are busy, having meal replacements is a better bet than skipping one.

Eat Better

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Cedric Chua
Cedric graduated with a pharmacy degree from the University of Queensland, Australia. He holds keen interest in health marketing and is currently a member of the Apex Pharmacy E-commerce team.

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