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Too many yum sengs: the effect on cardiovascular health

Many by now would already know the negative health effects from consuming too much alcohol, but just how does alcohol impact on our cardiovascular health?

One or two alcoholic drinks may be beneficial to our overall health, but regular high alcohol use can hurt the heart, leading to diseases of the heart muscles known as cardiomyopathy. Regular binge drinking will also raise our blood pressure, a well-documented risk to an array of heart diseases. Another ailment you may potentially suffer from is arrhythmia, or irregular heart rhythm.

Binge drinking may also cause other stresses to your heart indirectly. From insomnia to liver disease/cirrhosis, anxiety and depression, those drinks will eventually take a toll on your heart.

Hence, moderation is keyon your next night out!

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Melvin experience in health and fitness includes being a personal trainer at a local YMCA and a branch of Fitness Together. He has worked with a wide range of people: from teen speed, agility and conditioning camps, to adults just beginning an exercise program..

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