Oxitech Pulse Oximeter
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OXITECH Pulse Oximeter is a simple, one-touch operation device that is usually place on a fingertip.
It uses light beams to measure oxygen saturation of the blood (SpO2) and the pulse rate (PR).
It is a portable and compact monitoring device that can be used anywhere. It comes with a lanyard for the ease of convenience.

OXITECH Pulse Oximeter is designed to be power saving and only needs two AAA batteries to operate.
It has bright OLED screen display that allows you to read the results clearly from day to night.

Registered under Act 737
MDA Registration No: GC1574221-53413

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OXITECH Pulse Oximeter is a non-invasive, painless device used to measure a person’s blood oxygen levels and heart rate. This device is specially crucial during this COVID-19 pandemic as it aids in detecting “Happy Hypoxia” in COVID-19 patients which exceedingly low blood oxygen saturation levels but appeared well with no symptoms of breathlessness.

It is recommended for COVID-19 positive patients and home quarantine COVID-19 patients to monitor their oxygen levels at the comfort of their own home.

OXITECH is certified in Europe CE 0123 and approved by Medical device authority Malaysia (MDA) in Malaysia.

Oxygen saturation values are between 95% and 100% for most healthy individuals, but sometimes can be lower in people with lung problems. Oxygen saturation levels are also generally slightly lower for those living at higher altitudes.

1. Open the battery lid and insert two AAA batteries into the battery compartment.
2. Cover the battery lid.
3. Hold the OXITECH Pulse Oximeter in one hand with the front panel facing you.
4. Press the button to turn on the OXITECH Pulse Oximeter.
5. Place your first or middle finger of your dominant hand into the OXITECH Pulse Oximeter.
6. Results will be shown on the OLED screen within seconds.

- When placing the OXITECH Pulse Oximeter on the finger, make sure hand is warm, relaxed and held below the level of the heart.
- Remove any fingernail polish on the finger.
- Sit still and do not move the part of the body where the OXITECH Pulse Oximeter is located.
- Measurement should be taken on the flat surface such as resting your hands on the table.

Do not rely only on a pulse oximeter to assess your health condition or oxygen level.
If you are concerned about the pulse oximeter reading, or if your symptoms are serious or getting worse, please contact a health care provider.
If you think you may have contracted COVID-19, please contact your health care provider or local health department about getting a diagnostic test.
Pulse oximeter cannot be used to diagnose or rule out COVID-19.

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