Xeron PG-800B31 (Deflation)
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XERON Blood Pressure Monitor is intended for use by Medical Professionals or at Home to monitor and display systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate on adult, with the cuff around the upper arm.

Registered under Act 737
MDA Reg. No: GB684981157818

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XERON Blood Pressure Monitor is a battery driven automatic non-invasive blood pressure meter.
It should not be used in First Aid and continuously measuring monitor.
It has data storage function and can save the latest 90 measurement records, including the systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, pulse rate and measurement time.

1. Remove battery cover.
2. Insert new batteries into the battery compartment and close the battery cover.
3. Wrap the arm cuff around the upper arm, about (2-3cm) above the elbow. Place the cuff directly on the skin, as clothing may cause a faint pulse and may result in a measurement error.
4. Secure the arm cuff with Velcro Strip in such a way that it lies comfortable and is not too tight. Lay the arm on the table (palm upwards) so that the arm cuff is at the same height as the heart. Make sure that the tube is not kinked.
5. Press ON/OFF button, all icons appear two seconds on Display, then switch to measurement.
6. Start measurement, the cuff in the strap will automatically inflate.
7. Once measurement completed, LCD display the measurement results.

If there is unexpected results obtained, please consult your doctor.

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