Thermatect Infrared Thermometer
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THERMATECT Infrared Thermometer is a portable non-contact device that provides instant and accurate measurement of the forehead temperature.
It uses infrared technology to detect and measure the temperature of the temporal artery from the forehead.

THERMATECT Infrared Thermometer has ergonomic design and grip for ease of use.
It is suitable for all ages, including infants and young children.

Registered under Act 737
MDA Registration No: GB8796620-46011

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Dual Measuring Mode
Suitable for forehead temperature measurement
Also available for object temperature measurement (e.g. milk, bathwater)

Instant Measurement
Results obtained within 1 second

Multiple Backlight Display
Different colors available for different temperature range

Interchangeable Unit Conversion
Celsius °C and Fahrenheit °F
(Default setting: Celsius °C)

Power Saving
Automatically power off if not in use after 30 seconds

Alarm Sound
Short Beep Sound will be heard

THERMATECT is certified in Europe CE 0197, approved by Medical device authority (MDA) in Malaysia and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in USA.

1. Press gently on the battery cover and remove the battery cover.
2. Insert two AAA batteries into the battery compartment and cover the battery lid.
3. Press the On/Off Button on the left to turn on the THERMATECT Infrared Thermometer.
4. The unit starts with the Forehead Temperature Measuring Mode and most recent result will be shown on the display.
5. Hold the THERMATECT Infrared Themometer and aim the Blue LED Light about 3-5cm from the forehead. Press the Measuring button in the middle.
6. Results will be shown on the screen once the LED is off within seconds.

- Do not measure tempearture after a physical exercise, swimming, or after bathing as this may lead to inaccurate results.
- When measuring the body temperature, the unit must be aligned at the centre of the forehead with a 3-5 cm distance,

Do not rely only on a infrared themometer to assess your health condition.
If you are concerned about the temperature reading, or if your symptoms are serious or getting worse, please contact a health care provider.
If you think you may have contracted COVID-19, please contact your health care provider or local health department about getting a diagnostic test.
Infrared Thermometer cannot be used to diagnose or rule out COVID-19.

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