Fine Foods Crystalline Fructose 4g x 50 sachets
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Stamp out your worries now by choosing Fine Foods™ Crystalline Fructose! A breakthrough product for healthy living.

Crystalline Fructose (a.k.a. fruit sugar) is a naturally occurring sweetening substance naturally found in fruits, vegetables and honey.

Crystalline Fructose has very interesting properties. It is sweeter than normal sugar, low in Glycaemic Index (GI), slow blood glucose response and slow release of insulin. This means it is suitable even for people who are diabetic. Nevertheless, moderation is the key.

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What is so special about Fine Food Crystalline Fructose?

  • It is Pure and Natural
    Crystalline Fructose is a pure and natural sweetener. It gives natural sweetness without any adverse effects.
  • Tastes great
    Crystalline Fructose tastes like normal sugar without any unpleasant aftertaste. You can enjoy your favourite food with the same taste that you love.
  • Low GI (19-22): Suitable for Diabetics in moderation
    Crystalline Fructose has the lowest GI among all the natural sweeteners. A low GI value of 19-22 means glucose is released slowly and steadily helping you feel full longer and avoid snacking. It also helps diabetics keep their blood glucose levels at a healthy level.
  • Low Calories
    Crystalline Fructose is up to 80% sweeter than normal sugar. Therefore, it encourages lower consumption which translates to lower calories with the same taste.
  • Ideal for Weight Watches
    Low GI, sweeter properties and higher energy spending speak in favor of Crystalline Fructose as a valuable carbohydrate for dietary management.
  • Suitable for ALL & we mean it!
    With Crystalline Fructose, now EVERYONE can enjoy ANY beverage, foods, cakes, cookies and many more.

For hot or warm applications: Approximately 20% reduction i.e. 10 gram (table sugar) → 8 gram Fine Foods™ Crystalline Fructose

For cold applications: Approximately 30% or more reduction Note that: Fine Foods™ Crystalline Fructose has a unique property where the sweetness ↑ when temperature is cold.


The recommended sugar intake according to the Malaysian dietary guideline should be ≤ 50g or 10 teaspoons daily.

1 gram of Fine Foods™ Crystalline Fructose = 4 calories

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