Pediasure Complete Chocolate 850g
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PediaSure® is a nutritional supplement that provides complete, balanced nutrition for children from age 1 to 10 – those special years of rapid growth & mind development. When consumed in proper amounts, PediaSure® is scientifically formulated to provide 100% or more of US Dietary Reference Intakes for proteins and 25 vitamins & minerals that are required for growth and development.

PediaSure® also contains FOS, probiotics and MCT oil. Formulated with more than 25 essential nutrients, PediaSure® is scientifically formulated to help increase height and weight1 and reduce number of sick days2. It is also Lactose free. PediaSure® also contains nutrients such as Taurine, Choline and Omega 3 & 6 to support mind development.

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With the Sure3 System, PediaSure® Complete provides complete and balanced nutrition for children ages 1 to 10 years old with feeding concerns.
Some common examples of children who are hard to feed include:

  • Eats very little.
  • Very active but eats little
  • Accepts only a few types of food.
  • Highly selective in food intake
  • Eats few fruits and vegetables.
  • Refuses to try new foods.
  • Disrupts or prolongs mealtimes.
  • Poor appetite.

PediaSure® Complete is also suitable for children who:

  • need a nutritious snack or supplement.
  • are lactose intolerant.
  • are recovering or have recovered from medical conditions.

Usage instructions:
To prepare a 225 ml feeding, put 190 ml of cold water in a glass.

Gradually add 5 level scoops (enclosed) or 45.7 g of PediaSure complete while stirring and mix until dissolved.

When mixed as directed, PediaSure complete provides approx. 1 kcal per ml.
A 850 g can of powder yields approx. nineteen servings of 225 ml.
1 feeding: Water - PediaSure complete - volume - calories. ml - scoops - ml - kcal. 190 - 5 - 225 - 225. Use before end of date on bottom of can. 225 kcal/225 ml when mixed as directed.
Mixing with water greater than 35 degrees C may compromise the benefits of probiotics.

Mixing with water greater than 35 degrees C may compromise the benefits of probiotics

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