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Neurobion® tablets contribute to nerve health and help provide relief for people who suffer from peripheral nerve problems, and anyone at risk of vitamin B deficiency, like over-55s, vegetarians, diabetics and pre-diabetics and others.

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Ingredients per tablet:

  • 100mg Vitamin B1
  • 200mg Vitamin B6
  • 200mcg Vitamin B12

Follow Directions

Neurobion is designed to be taken via mouth and can be consumed before or after eating as desired. Doses are often determined individually to address specific health conditions or chronic diseases that a patient may have or be at risk for developing.

Take with Plenty of Water

Each tablet should be consumed with plenty of water to help get the vitamins into your system in an adequate amount of time. Consume your dose with a full glass of water every time you take Neruobion .

Take with Food

Consume a meal before or after taking Neruobion. However, you should not take this medication on an empty stomach or fail to keep up with a regular diet while you are using this product.

Chew Thoroughly

Take the time to chew each tablet thoroughly and rinse out the mouth with water, swallowing a full glass of water during this process, to make sure that you have consumed all of the medication.

Ensure Right Dose

Most adults are recommended to consume 1-2 tablets of Neurobion per day. Talk with your doctor about what size dose is the most appropriate for you and when these should be taken each day to ensure proper applications of these vitamins.

Avoid Large Doses

A larger dose than what your doctor has prescribed of Neurobion should not be taken. If your health has not appeared to improve after a week of taking Neurobion you should lower or stop your dosage. Most treatment plans are not intended to extend longer than four weeks. Your doctor will determine if it is appropriate to continue treatment beyond this time frame.

Storage Tips

In order to ensure optimum shelf life you should keep this medication in a dry place. Do not store this medication in temperatures that are higher than 25 degrees C.

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